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Dedicated to Promoting Literacy & Empathy by Community Giving and helping environment.



                                                                                                     OUR VISION

Youth4Us is a kid run volunteer initiative that provides kids an opportunity to participate in various events and serve their community all for free. No deed is too big or too small. Elementary, middle and high school students can participate in the volunteer opportunity. Make your move now!


                      OUR MISSION



Youth4Us mission is to inspire kids and build a sense of empathy in them by community giving! The Program is all about kids, helping kids!


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Founder: Gaurangi Gupta


Gaurangi is an avid reader, book lover, and an artist by heart.

She is dedicated to promoting literacy and community giving. Gaurangi took her passion forward when she was 10-year-old to help others as she really enjoys community service. In addition to promoting literacy, she hopes to inspire others to serve their communities by finding or creating opportunities for young kids to give back community.


Gaurangi attends middle school in Washington but is helping friends across the United States, India to promote literacy and community giving.

She hopes you enjoy taking a few moments to learn about her work and consider participating in this initiative in your community.

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