Youth4Us is a kid run volunteer initiative that gives kids opportunities to participates in various events /projects and serve their community all for free. No deed is too big or too small. 

The Program is all about kids, helping kids!


Elementary, middle and high school students can participate in the volunteer opportunity. Make your move now!

Youth4Us initiatives:

  • Bookaid Program, to promote Literacy and donate books to kids in need with a goal every child reads a book. Connect Kid to Books.

  • Art Docents, with a goal where Kids who enjoy art and have an interest in sharing creativity helps with virtual art lessons to all grades. 

  • DIY Projects where small kits are provided to the kids who want to volunteer. Kids work on the project at home. Once completed, it gets donated to various communities.  

  • Redmond Children's Business Fair give kids an opportunity to learn how to run a business and explore their passion, create product and sell to the customer in a one-day marketplace.

  • THE GIVE STORE is an initiative to give back to community where young kids make a product and once sold, the proceeds will go to Seattle Children's Hospital.

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Running Project 1


THE GIVE STORE to support Seattle Children's Hospital. Young artists come together, make a product and list in the store to sell.

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Running Project 2


Book Drive by Olivia and Felix - our new volunteers

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Running Project 3


2022 Redmond Children's Business Fair


What's  New!

FREE BOOK FAIR by Kids. Stay Tuned 

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