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The Giving Back Movement

January' 2023

A movement to change the world for the better, and it starts with "you." I alone can't change the world by myself; I need others by my side.

Thank you to Youth4Us ambassadors for supporting and bringing the change and making a positive impact in the world.


I have a quick tale from my vacation to share from my trip that made me happy and content.

As an avid reader, I was on my way to see my cousins and aunt while reading an Indian story book. Suddenly a young child knocked on the window next to me. As I lowered the window to speak, she asked for money.

I replied by asking her in a local language, "Paise Nahi Hain, Magar Book Hain." "Book Padni Hain?"

(Translating for my English-speaking friends: I don't have any money to give, but I do have a book. Would you like to read a book?)

She nodded her head and murmured, "Haan,

(Translating for my pals: "Yes with a nod)


She graciously and joyfully accepted the book instead of money, and I can see a smile of inspiration spreading across her face. I turned around to look back at her; instead of approaching to another car to beg, she had moved to the sidewalk where she was sitting and flipping through the book and grinning at the pictures in the book.

At that precise moment, I had a sense of accomplishment: "I done something good today," and thus, for Youth4Us, "The Giving Back Movement" starts.

Moral: If a kid receives a book, even if they are unable to read, they will be excited and intrigued. Once they see the book and the illustrations, they will undoubtedly want to read a book and make an effort to learn to read. As a result, donated The Hope Foundation in India more than 100 books. 


3Rs's Crayons -Reduce, Recycle and Repurpose

February' 2023

I went to a restaurant with my immediate and extended family. We were 4 kids, and each received free crayons to color. After the dinner, as we were leaving the restaurant, I turned to look back at the table with crayons left over there. The server came in to clean up the table and I noticed that the crayons were thrown away immediately after being used just once.


Suddenly, the question - Why? Sprang to my mind. Why not reduce waste, recycle and repurpose these crayons and donate to a charity, a school, a hospital or to the kids who can't afford by recreating it with magic and love and also protecting the environment at the same time.

Do you know, each Restaurant waste hundreds of crayons each day which results into millions of crayons waste each year.

This brings in the idea to start "3R's - Reduce, Recycle and Repurpose" Initiative.

1. Collect the used crayons from restaurants, which otherwise would be in the landfills.

2. Sort them based on colors

3. Sanitize/Melt them.

4. Create new crayon design.

5. Repackage into a new box -pack of 4 or 6.

6. Distribute/Donate


So, I reached out to several restaurants and explained about my idea and the whole 6 step process mentioned above to the General Manager that I would like to start in Washington.

I am so happy that this initiative resonates with them. Thank you BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse- Redmond location and The Family Pancake House- Redmond. They have partnered with Youth4Us to kickstart this initiative and support community giveback movement.

This initiative is not only betterment for our environment but also promotes community giving by engaging young kids in the process.

The Youth4Us kids' ambassadors will work together on this effort responsible for collection, sorting, melting, creating new crayon in different shapes, repackage and distribute to schools, hospitals, charities. #kidshelpingkids.

The collection process already started, and we had our first tie up to donate new crayons produced from 3R's initiative for Art Therapy.

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