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Hi, When I was 10 years old and a fifth grader, I decided to take  my passion forward to help others, So I created and founded a program called Youth4Us that promotes community service and literacy while also offering activities to volunteers and give free art lessons online each week.


I am passionate about helping the kids in need and giving back to community whenever I can! 


During this pandemic, I was looking for volunteer opportunities on the internet and had to go through a search process which was not easy. So, that leads to come up with this initiative that gives other kids an opportunity to contribute and take part in the events that interests them. A one-stop place.

​I have started giving virtual art lessons to elementary kids who are in grades K, 1 & 2 because they give me a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction that inspires me to help little kids. 


I love to read books and can read more than 3000 pages in two days.  I also enjoy art and piano.

Gaurangi Gupta

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