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Gaurangi Gupta


Prayan Mittal

Gaurangi is a 6th Grader and decided to take her passion forward to help others, So she created and founded a program called Youth4Us that promotes community service and literacy while also offering activities to young volunteers to participate in community give back.

She loves to read and explore her creativity via art.

Khushi Garg


Prayan is a Kindergarten panther at Fernwood Elementary. He loves to read books and play with his friends in the park. His favorite game is hide and seek and he loves to dance and practice Hindustani classical music.

He is thankful for his family and specially his little sister, Aaria

Anusha Chintalapati


Khushi has loved art ever since she was little. Over the years, art has become a passion rather than a hobby. She combines her passion for arts with her strong will to help people by creating and donating beautiful art pieces.

This elementary school student has participated and won many art competitions.

Her other interests include Hindustani classical singing, Bharatanatyam dance form and playing guitar.

Anusha is sixth grader and she always wanted to help kids. 

During the COVID-19, she felt that she should make a difference no matter how big or small. She has been making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the homeless every month(about 80 sandwiches). 

Anusha loves music and to be artistic. She plays piano and does a lot of art. These activities help her relax and have fun!

Dhevna Kannan

Dhevna is a 10 years old, lives in Redmond, WA. She has had a talent and passion of art since an early age, and is constantly improving in her art skills. She is in 5th grade currently.

Aditi is 10 years, goes to Wild Horse Elementary, Saint Louis, MO. She is enthusiastic to learn, loves to spend her free time doing Art and crafts.

Her other interests include playing Violin, Piano and Tennis. Happy to participate in this fundraiser event to spread joy around.

Snigdha Josyula

Shriya Shaji

unnamed (8).jpg

Snigdha attends elementary school and is passionate about Art since an early age. She is enthusiastic about participating in this community giveback fundraiser by making art pieces of her creative works. She is learning classical music & dance. She loves to play chess and violin.

Shriya is a sixth grader who likes Art as its delightful because it is composed of many different subjects.


Art is found almost everywhere. It really makes you think about its beauty and creativity, but like any other skill, it takes practice to get really good at it.


Art is about expressing feelings, making few pieces that no one has ever thought about or created before. I hope you enjoy my pieces.



Savir is a third grader who likes reading, drawing, biking, playing with his younger brother, and helping others.


He enjoys inventing by repurposing old items, learning "life hacks," and discovering trails to walk or bike.


Savir believes in kindness for the people as well as the planet. His first project for Youth4Us is to organize a Book Drive at his elementary school. 


Aditi Satrasala